An ISO 9001:2015 registered company

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An ISO 9001:2015 registered company

MateXion – The Materials Connection

Our Vision

Matexion was established in Canada in 2006 to serve our stakeholders with honesty and integrity. Our principal focus is to service the needs of our customers in the polymer and related industries in a highly efficient, friendly, and cost-effective manner. Striving to build relationships through service and knowledge and to create a lasting bond between our supplier’s materials and the products that our customers produce. It is due to our strongly-held business beliefs that Matexion has grown at a rapid pace since its inception.

It is our desire to be viewed by our customers as the best value within our competitive field and believe that supplier service relationships must extend well beyond our products. By partnering with world-class suppliers, maintaining low overhead through efficient work practices, and providing the services that make our customer’s lives easier, we accomplish this goal day in and day out.

We are committed to having a collaborative relationship with our suppliers, with a Business Development approach to new opportunities, customers, applications and markets. Matexion is a profitable, financially secure and well-established company. Having a strong brand portfolio which facilitates a value sell and our local stock, flexibility, and fast turnaround time brings added value to your products.

It is equally important to make a positive contribution to our industry and community and to create a highly productive, healthy and desirable work environment for our employees. We hold a strong sense of community both within our company and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

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Why Choose Matexion? 

Matexion is a privately-held company whose unique approach in this market space allows us the freedom to not be confined by the same rules as other companies. Our constant market growth, that well exceeds the market pace, is strong validation to our distinctive value-added market approach. Matexion is committed to becoming the best materials supplier in our industry.

As is integrated into our name, our goal is to be the Materials Connection and supplier of choice for manufacturers across North America. Our mandate is to provide high-quality materials from world class, well known suppliers in the industry and to tailor service packages to customers operational needs. Matexion delivers what you need when you need it!

Matexion is a company that prides itself on being agile and innovative. Our goal is to stay one step ahead and anticipate our customer’s needs in order to better serve them. When customers call, they will have immediate human interaction.

It is Matexion’ s practice to acknowledge e-mails promptly and to fully respond within a day. For established customers and products, customers can depend on their product(s) being stocked and available as required. For those partners who run inventory JIT, a low-cost emergency rush shipping service is available. With this rush service, it is our objective to have the fastest turnaround in the industry.

“Matexion is committed to becoming the best materials supplier in our industry. As it is integrated into our name we want to be the Materials Connection and supplier of choice for manufacturers across North America.