Foaming/Blowing Agents

Foamed products are widely used in domestic and industrial applications. Indeed, they are integral to our daily lives. Foamed products range from seals, sealing profiles and thermal insulation products used in buildings and automobiles to rigid sheets and profiles for the construction industry.

They are used in a variety of polymers such as: Flexible PVC, Rigid PVC ,Polyolyfins (such as PP, HDPE,LDPE), SAN, ABS, PPO, PA, PBT, PBT and many other thermoplastics. Natural Rubber as well as most synthetic rubbers such as SBR, IR, NBR, HNBR, CR, EVA, EVM, EPDM

Matexion sells a full line of Blowing agents marketed under the FICEL trade name. The FICEL product portfolio has been developed over many years to address the needs of the industry. In addition to the standard product offering, our expertise in this field along with the technical capabilities and over 20 years of experience of our supply partner enable us to taylor-make a product to suit your particular process or product need. If you have an existing need or a desired result for a foaming agent that is currently not being met, we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the difference FICEL can make in your business.

Matexion Inc.

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