Matexion's Team

Matexion Inc. is a company specializing in supplying polymers and related materials to the polymer industry. We are proud of our successful start up and the growth we have experienced since opening our doors in 2005. The employees bring over 80 years of combined experience in the polymer and distribution business to the company.

Our sales team has an extensive variety of experience in the rubber/plastic/polymer business including but not limited to global marketing development and technical sales. This varied experience in combination with the knowledge of applications and product development enables our team to offer unique individualized services to our valued customers.

Matexion Inc. has differentiated itself from their competitors by focusing on customer services through our individualized attention to our customers. Understanding the importance of each order, Matexion Inc. has implemented customer focused and customer specific processes to ensure the accuracy of each shipment and that the specific needs of our customers are fulfilled.

With a warehouse on site and customer focused processes in place, give Matexion Inc. great flexibility and faster turnaround than our competition. This closeness enables our shipping staff to ensure that the customerís order is handled with the ultimate care and attention it deserves. Towards our strong commitment to our customers and to our goal of achieving the highest standards, our staff are First Aid, WHMIS, TDG and Hazmat certified.