About Matexion Inc.

Matexion Inc. is a company whose principal focus is to service the needs of customers in the polymer and related industries. The word Matexion is created from MATErials connectION. With many years of experience working with polymers and a strong focus on business development and logistics, Matexion Inc. is well suited to develop specific service models to cater to the needs of its customers.

In January 2006, Matexion Inc. launched its first of several product families. This family of industrial rubber products included such trade names as: Therban®; Baymod®; Perbunan®; Buna EP; Krynac®; Baypren® and Krynol®. Shortly thereafter, a complimentary rubber chemicals product family was added to the company portfolio. This group includes a broad family of accelerators, antioxidants, peptizing agents, activators and fillers under the trade names of: Vulkacit®; Vulkanox®; Vulkazon®; Renacit® and Zinc Oxide. Serving the Canadian industry with these materials, it is Matexion Inc.’s focus to develop specific resources for application and business development that best meet the needs of our customers.

Matexion Inc. is committed to the polymer industry with a unique relationship to its suppliers and a focus to developing new markets. We believe that supplier service relationships must extend well beyond our products. At Matexion Inc., we invite the opportunity to demonstrate how we can support your business.