Below is taken from a notification issued by LANXESS. For further information, please contact the sales department at Matexion Inc.

LANXESS is proud to announce that effective November 6 2010 LANXESS business unit Rubber Chemicals has acquired the Perkalink business from Flexsys (Solutia). This comprises all aspects of the business including but not limited to the production and sales of Perkalink.

Perkalink is known to be one of the leading solutions to avoid the risk of reversion during the vulcanization process and service life of tires and other technical rubber products. It is thus a perfect fit to LANXESS' range of specialty rubber chemicals. We have agreed with Flexsys on hand-over procedure that will ensure an uninterrupted supply to you which is of highest priority. Existing open orders have been transferred from Flexsys to LANXESS and effective immediately you can also place new orders directly with your regular LANXESS sales contact.

The takeover of the Perkalink business from Flexsys represents a furtuer step LANXESS is taking to underline its long term commitment to service the rubber industry with high quality rubber chemicals.